May 20, 2015 In Human Rights, Legal Support

Duo demands $500 000 damages from Chiyangwa

HARARE – Two Hurungwe villagers are suing Zanu PF central committee member Philip Chiyangwa for $250 000 each over an alleged assault they suffered at the hands of the flamboyant businessman.

Hurungwe West headman Aleck Munhava and villager Morgan Gora, are demanding $250 000 each in damages from the Native Investments Africa Group founder.

Munhava and Gora, in their letter of demand, said Chiyangwa assaulted them on April 26 at Nyamhunga Primary School during a Zanu PF meeting.

The duo said the assault resulted in severe bodily damage and loss of dignity.

“In view of the foregoing, we have been instructed to, as we hereby do, demand that you pay back Munhava within seven days of receipt of this letter the sum of $250 000 being damages of the pain and suffering, loss of dignity, current and future medical expenses,” the suit by the villagers’ lawyer Advocate Webster Jiti of Musendekwa and Mtisi law firm says. “The amount also includes valuables which were either lost or damaged during the assault.

“We also demand that within seven days of receipt of this letter you pay Morgan Gora the amount of $250 000 being damages for pain and suffering as a result of the assault, loss of dignity  as the assault was perpetrated in full view of the delegates, village heads and villagers in attendance.”

The self-styled empowerment guru was yet to file his answering affidavit.

Munhava said as a result of the assault, he suffered severe head injuries and lost some valuable personal documents.

“As a result of the assault, our client Aleck Munhava sustained injuries on the head, a fractured tooth and bruises all over the body,” the letter of demand says.

“He also lost his wallet which had identification documents and cash amounting to $185. He further lost spectacles valued at $20 and his jacket valued at $35 was also torn as you assaulted him.

“In addition to all this, our client spent two days and nights wondering in the forest as he could not walk back to his village due to swollen limbs and also fear of your threat during the assault that you would follow them up.”

Munhava and Gora said the businessman assaulted them using open palms, clenched fists and kicked them all over the body.

“Our client advises us that at that juncture you charged towards them and started assaulting them,” the letter says. “It has been given to us that you first assaulted Aleck Munhava with open palms and clinched fists. You then charged towards Morgan Gora and viciously assaulted him with clenched fists and booted feet as he lay helpless on the ground.”

Source: DailyNews Zimbabwe