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Jiti Law Chambers Legal Practitioners is one of the leading legal entities in Zimbabwe in the provision of legal services spanning from Corporate Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law and Property Law. Collectively the firm represents a concentration of specialist talent and dynamic team of expertise. The lawyers boasts of immense experience in the Legal field and are respected Senior Lawyers and their competence is celebrated. Under their consummate skill and tenacity, which has been imparted to their professional assistants, the Law firm has become a preference of many corporates and individuals alike.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of professional legal service in the most efficient cost-effective manner and transparent manner whilst still maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality.

Jiti Law Chambers is carefully structured and staffed to meet the demands of contemporary commercial and general legal practice. The firm handles all aspects of legal work in Zimbabwe, Africa and literally all over the world. There are no restrictions on capacity and ability to handle legal work in any country. The firm is also eyeing reputable correspondent law firms in the leading countries of the world for the reliable and effective cross checking and networking.

The firm offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from private personal matters to major commercial contracts, mining law, acquisitions and take-overs, privatization and commercial restructures and scheming. The firm’s clients include private enterprises, parastatals, conglomerates, governments, non governmental organizations as well as private individuals. Within the practice is an active civil, commercial and criminal litigation departments. A strong team is dedicated at financial law, securities and property law.

Claudius Man Napoli
Claudius Man Napoli

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